Consider this:
  • You are in really big network (eg. university)
  • And there is a lot of exciting things like soft and movies
  • Network is mainteined by users themselves (students)
  •  and hereby unstable and always drops connections.
  • But you want to get all this stuff...

CopyFile for YOU!!!

CopyFile is flexible and persistent multithreading utility for searching and copying (large) files over Local Area Network (LAN). The program is small (code part < 60KB) and as fast as Windows allows it to be.

It relys on standart functions - no low-level tricks that makes some programs incompatible with other software. Experience of many other similar software has been taken in account during developement:
CopyFile of Dmitry Eluseev, NetCopy, LanCopy, LanSearch, LanSpider and other.
I do my best to maintain key advantages and avoid their limitations


copy    search    quick reference


You can take it here



Copy module:

Search module:

... and maybe something else i did, but forgot to mention here :) Actually i did a lot to make this program useful and easy-to-use

Planed features:

Known issues (problems i unable to solve):

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